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21st Blackstone Bay
23rd Blacsktone Bay
31st Blackstone Bay


1st Blackstone Bay
2nd Blackstone Bay
18th Blackstone Bay
19th Blackstone Bay


1st Blackstone Bay
16th Blackstone Bay


Instructional Opportunties:


This is not only a great opportunity for paddlers looking to become guides, but also an ideal course for anyone interested in a more comprehensive education of boat control, rescues, trip planning and risk management!   It's a perfect way to set yourself up for the rest of your paddling season. 

14-15 Whittier Instructional Weekend (WIW): In Conjunction with Alaska Sea Kayakers

This is a 2 day skills program with a track for complete beginners and a track for more experienced paddlers.  In both course we will work on wet exits, a variety of strokes, manuevers, and rescues on Day 1.  Day 2 will then do a trip planning session encompassing tides and weather forecasts, what to bring on the trip, navigation and vhf protocol.
The goal of this course is to develop and refine a variety of strokes and manuevers which in turn lead to optimal control of your kayak.  This then sets you up for quick and succesful rescues!   Also, to set you up for success for your newfound kayaking life without having to learn the hard way, or dust off the cobwebs, gain new skills and     


21-22  Introduction to Sea Kayaking: ACA Levels 1-2

Learn the basics of: sea kayak anatomy and equipment, fundamental building blocks of kayak strokes and manuevers, self and assisted rescues, a variety of launching and landing scenarios, and gear to have with you and on you.    

Beyond the fundamentals: ACA Levels 2-3  

With the foundation set from the Level 1-2 course, we'll build off from that and make strokes, manuevers and rescues more complicated, and of course more fun!   If you've taken the Level 1-2 course and enjoyed it so much you want learn more, or if you've been paddling for a while, but haven't had any formal training, this course will challenge and excite you!   

27-30  Instructional Multiday Trip
Use your training on a trip!  We'll start with a session on trip planning and boat packing then paddle out of Passage Canal towards Blackstone Bay.  In addition to strokes, manuvers and rescues, we'll work on boat packing, identifying campable beaches, discuss tide level identification, paddling around tidewater glaciers, work on tarpology at camp.



4-5 Fundamentals: ACA Levels 1-2

11-12 Beyond the Fundamentals: ACA Levels 2-3

16-20 Outer Coast Course

18-19  Introduction to Current Training 

Learn how to manage your sea kayak in current:  terminology and anantomy of current, ferry angles, breaking in and out of current, recues, risk assessment.  This course requires the fundamentals and beyond course as a prerequites. 

25-27  Wind Waves and Current-Homer

30- July 4 Outer Coast Course


2-3  Beyond the Fundamentals: ACA Levels 2-3

14-18 Outer Coast Course

9th-18th  Current Modules: Current Training in Homer!!!
Mod 1: 9-11 Introduction to Current:
Mod 2: 12-14 Touring with Current:
Mod 3: 15-18 Intermediate Coastal Training:

21-23 Beyond the Fundamentals and Current Training- Homer AK

30-31 Sea Kayaking Fundamentals



6-7 Fundamentals Weekend

11-15 Outer Coast Course

13-14 Beyond the Fundamentals

20-21 Introduction to Current

25-29 Outer Coast Course

Wind Waves and Current


August 27-4: Exploratory Expedition:
Source to Sea --Kenai Lake to Cook Inlet

1) Evans Island to Naked Island

2) Evans Island to Seward



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