Sightseeing and Kayaking

The kayaks and gear are preloaded,  all we have to do is get outfitted for the day and set off for Blackstone Bay.
The roughly 45 minute ride affords us the opportunity to take in all the beautiful scenary between the harbor in Passage Canal and the head of the Blackstone Bay.  Keep a sharp look out for whales and porpoise along the way.  We will slow down or divert course to observe them. 
Once in Blackstone we will relax in front of the tidewater glaciers watching for calvings, seals and otters. 
Additional highlights of this trip are the 5 hanging glaciers, kittiwake rookery, eagles and various sea birds, abundant waterfalls and high rugged peaks embedded in snowfields. 
After about an hour we will work our way around the other side of Willard Island and begin our trip back to Passage Canal. 
About four miles from Whittier harbor we will get dropped off at a beach with our kayaks and gear to enjoy a freshly made lunch.  Once refueled and refreshed we will begin our shoreline paddle back to Whittier.
This is just one sample of some of the options available for the sightseeing and sea kayaking trips. 
If you want a longer day of sea kayaking or sightseeing or both, we can do that.

3 hour sightseeing and 3-4 hour paddle $1175 for up to 4 people
3 hour sightseeing and 5-6 hour paddle $1300 for up to 4 people

5 hour sightseeing and 3-4 hour paddle $1525 for up to 4 people
5 hour sightseeing and 5-6 hour paddle $1650 for up to 4 people 

All Day Sightseeing and Sea Kayaking  

For this trip I reserve the charter boat for the day so we can go anywhere we want in Western Prince William Sound: Icy Bay, Port Bainbridge, Unakwik Inlet, College Fjord, Harriman Fjord, Port Nellie Juan and Derrickson lagoon.  As with the other trips, the sea kayaks and gear will be preloaded.  Once outfitted we board the boat and depart for a tour based on the weather and conditions for the day. 
This trip offers the best that the Sound has to offer as we will get out into the open Sound, stop at sea lion haul-outs, search for whales, porpoise and otters, paddle through icebergs near tidewater glaciers, scout for goats, bear and deer along the shoreline and mountain sides, find the perfect beach to enjoy the wonderful fresh lunch, identify the vast number of seabirds, pull over for a hike and berry picking. 

For up to 6 people including lunch and all the gear $2950 


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