Boat Supported Trips

With the charter boat loaded the only thing left to do is board the vessel and relax in the enclosed cabin while the captain begins showing you the highlights of Prince William Sound.
Luxury while "roughing it"
Tents and cush sleeping accommodations, cooking and dining shelters, coolers, collapsable tables and chairs, and a tented bathroom offers all the comforts of home nestled between the ocean and the forest.
If not basecamping, camp is broken down in the morning  while we spend the day paddling, hiking, sight seeing, or any combination off these options.  Whatever the day entails, camp will be awaiting our arrival.
There is no better way to see the rich diversity of wilderness and wildlife  throughout the Sound:  humpbacks, orcas, dall porpoise, sea lions, seals, sea otters, river otters, mountain goats, deer, black bears, oyster catchers, kittiwakes, harlequins, mures, pigeon guillemonts, sandpipers, bald eagles, anenomes, chitons, muscles, jelly fish, hermit crabs, star fish, limpets, cedar, spruce, hemlock, skunk cabbage, fireweed, columbine, marsh marigold, bluebells, tidewater piedmont, and hanging glaciers...... 
Like the potential for exploration in Prince William Sound, the diversity is virtually endless.

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