Sea Kayak Rentals and Demonstration

Choose from a variety of single kayaks:
Polyethylene $45/day, 8th day free
Fiberglass $55/day, 8th day free 

Kayaks with Skegs


Valley Sea Kayaks: 
Nordkapp RM, Aquanaut HV RM,
Wilderness System 
Tempest 170 (poly)

Sea Kayak UK by Nigel Dennis: 
Explorer HV, Explorer, Romany Surf, Pilgrim (glass)
P & H
Cetus HV, MV, LV (glass)
Scorpio, Scorpio LV (poly)
Capella 166

Single Kayaks with Rudders
Fiberglass: Seaward Vision and Tyee

Plastic:  Prijon: Kodiak, Touryak and Seayak
Perception Carolina 15.5

Double Kayaks:
Wilderness System Northstar
Polyethylene day trip and or basecamp kayak
$60/day, 8th day free

Seaward Passat
Seda Tango
Fiberglass extended tripping kayak 

$70/day, 8th day free


Paddlers' Realm is the only kayak company in Whittier with Valley Sea Kayaks, Sea Kayak UK sea kayaks and P&H sea kayaks. These are some of the best performing sea kayaks in the industry!

If you're looking to get a kayak and want to "try before you buy"-which I definitely suggest doing, set aside a few hours to test any or all of these kayaks with me as your certified coach.  We'll put on drysuits and have a great time testing the performance and comfort of any or all of these kayaks.  This not only assures safety but also includes instruction to help you fully appreciate each kayak's potential. 


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