The vast variety of conditions and challenges we experience throughout the virtually endless shorelines and riverbanks, requires an ever-growing knowledge and intimacy of boat handling skills, navigation, backcountry/wilderness living, and the marine environment.
The coach, instructor, and guide certificates I've earned through the British Canoe Union, American Canoe Association, and Internation Sea Kayak Guide Association allow me to offer the greatest synthesis of instruction from all 3 organizations.

Available Courses:
See descriptions below

America Canoe Association Courses 
and Assessments; Levels 1-4

ACA Coastal Kayak Day Trip Leader Course

Introduction to Current

Intermediate and Advanced Tidal Streams

Cross Training: River boats and Sea kayaks 

Instructional Day Trip

4 -12 Day Touring Instructional Courses

Balance and Bracing

Rolling Clinics

Private session

Navigation Classes 

   Persuing instruction is not only beneficial to becoming an independent paddler, it also allows you to join us on increasingly more challenging and exciting trips.  Check out the Multi-day and Expedition pages for the range of trips we offer.

For more information about why paddlers should seek out sea kayak instruction check our paddler's realm blog


Introduction to Paddling     
6 hour session : $175/person, discounts for groups
Offered daily

-discuss hazards of paddling in cold water

-dressing for immersion                   
-introduction to wet exits/capsizing
-basic kayak control: moving forwards, backwards, sideways, stopping, support strokes to prevent capsizing
-rescues: self rescues and assisted rescues


Two Day Courses: 

The 1st day is about getting acquainted with the sea kayak and discovering new body positions and concepts. 
The evening after day 1 offers an opportunity for you to think about your day of instruction and return with questions. 
The 2nd day reinforces that which you learned the previous day.  
The 2nd day is when I witness the transformation between starting to get the hang of it, and confidence in newfound skills!  It also provides you with the greatest possible opportunity for success when you practice on your own.

Fundamentals : $350/person, discounts for groups
ACA Level 1&2: Introduction to Kayaking &Essentials of Kayak Touring

Offered every weekend.  If interested in weekday sessions please call or email.

Beyond the Fundamentals : $350/person, discounts for groups 
ACA Level 2 and 3: Essentials of Kayak Touring and Coastal Kayak Basic Strokes  

Intermediate: $350/person discounts for groups 
Level 3+ Coastal Kayak: Basic Strokes and Rescues, & Stroke and Manuevering Refinement


Instruction and Touring :

If you are interested in exploring and camping by kayak in Prince William Sound or any other part of water in Alaska and throughout the world this is the course for you. These courses fuse the ACA Coastal Kayaking Day Trip Leader Course along with Levels 1-3 skills and manuevering, current training, and my 14 years of experience sea kayak guiding and adventuring in Alaska. 

From 4 to 12 days

ACA Coastal Kayaking Day Trip Leading course
This is not only appropriate for guides and trip leaders, it is an ideal course for anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of sea kayak trip planning. This 4-day course in an all-inclusive skills training and safety education program emphasizing effective strokes & maneuvers, rescues and recoveries, sea kayak navigation, trip planning, & leadership. American Canoe Association membership and other fees apply if you want to get the Trip Leading certification. This is not an instructor course; it is a
trip-leading course.

-What to bring
-How to pack
-Determining where to go
-Establishing camp
-Basic navigation and chart reading
-Identifying tidelines and campable beaches
-Safety equipment
-Group dymanics

-Paddling in ice and near Tidewater Glaciers
-Leave No Trace Ethics



Current Training!

Introduction to Current
This is an introduction to moving water: how to read it, how to navigate and maneuver in it.  The "Beyond the Fundamentals"  course is required so that strokes and maneuvers are well established before venturing into current. 
If you have already done the Beyond the Fundamentals course then this can be a one day session.  If not then this is a 3 day course.  
1-3  day courses $100/person/day if you have you're own dry suit, kayak and padding gear, $175/person /day if you need everything.
Offered daily and weekend sessions


Intermediate and advanced Tidal Stream training:


$300/person if you have your own gear.

$450/person if you need kayak and dry suit.

Prerequisites:  Must have the Fundamentals course and Introduction to Current course to do the intermediate or advanced tidal stream courses.  


Instructional Day Trips  

To get the most from your day of kayaking start your paddling experience with an introduction to the kayak and outfitting for our instructional day trip.  Instruction will then be peppered throughout the day trip.  The instructional session can be incorporated into any of the day trips offered through Paddlers' Realm.  Additional time will be required for these instructional day trips    

  • Discuss the anatomy of a sea kayak
  • Put on a dry suit and the appropriate paddling attire (helmet, PFD, sprayskirt) 
  • Practice wet exiting
  • Learn manuevering skills
  • Learn rescue techniques
  • Learn about planning and executing a day trip 

$200/person, discounts for groups
Lunch is not included on this outing.


Private Instruction :Please Call or email for pricing

Individual or group sessions, team building, guide training:

-Balance & Bracing
-Paddling in conditions

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